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Automotive Tinting
One of the most cost effective ways to enhance your vehicle's appearance is after market window tinting. Reduce heat and glare from intruding into your vehicle and enjoy privacy and a more comfortable drive. Glare through your side windows can be distracting to forward vision, and it can lead to eyestrain and fatigue on long trips. Non-tinted windows typically filter out less than 30% of UV light, while windows that are tinted can filter out 95% or more. Head Light and Tail Light Tinting are also available.
3M has been a market leader specialist in the car care and car tinting sector for over 40 years. Check out their Automotive Tint Simulator
  • Tint Any Car
  • Choose Any Shade of Tint
  • UV Protection from Dangerous Sun Rays
  • Head Light Tinting
  • Bubble Free Tinting
  • Warranty on Tint
  • Reduce Heat & Glare
  • Tail Light Tinting